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A strong emphasis on supervisee safety

As a professional supervisor, I provide a high-quality service to fellow counsellors, either in individual or group supervision sessions. As an advocate, I place a strong emphasis on supervisee safety, recognising that this commitment ultimately enhances client safety. With extensive experience as a counsellor in both the not-for-profit and corporate sectors, I feel competent in handling a diverse range of presentations and therapeutic approaches related to your practice. As a supervisor trained in the RISE UP Model, I place a strong emphasis on supervisee self-care, which is crucial in preventing professional burnout and vicarious trauma. In my supervisory capacity, I am equipped to support counsellors keen to develop their business, providing guidance that complies with the applicable Standards and Policies for private practice. I hold a Level 4 membership with the ACA College of Supervisors (member number COS12558) and currently have applications pending with PACFA.

…Supervision is a process whereby the supervisee can reflect on their practice, discuss workplace and professional issues in a safe environment. A supervisor is responsible for challenging practices and informing supervisees of alternative theories and new practices, as well as changes in the industry...Counsellors can face issues such as transference and burn out without any recognition of the symptoms. A professional supervisor would notice the symptoms long before the counsellor. Supervision is a learned process and discipline separate from counselling

Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Supervision Policy & Guidelines, 2019
Supervision Fees
  • The cost for a 60-minute individual supervision session is $160.
  • For group supervision quotes, please get in touch.
  • Student rates apply.

Professional Development

As a specialist in trauma and suicidal ideation, I provide specialised presentations designed for supervisory groups, professional development seminars, and webinars. My goal is to enhance understanding, encourage prevention, and advocate for compassionate care in these vital areas of mental health. I have delivered a series of recent presentations and workshops focused on these subjects.

  • Supporting Caregivers & Suicidal Young People 
  • Private Practice and Supporting Clients with Suicidal Ideation
  • Recovering from Empathy Fatigue as a Professional
PD Fees
  • For professional development quotes, please get in touch